Nolan vs. the World

The Need for a Blog

For the creator of a blog, the word “need” is obviously a stretch. A blog, or vlog, isn’t needed for the author’s survival. A blog isn’t a necessity to retire early, and it isn’t required to save nations from themselves. In fact, I’d place a wager that more than 99% of blog authors could adjust their lifestyle accordingly within a couple of months, even hours, if they suddenly lost their ability, or means, to blog.

If it’s not a need for me, then what’s the purpose of sharing a blog? Let’s dive deeper. In the shallow end. Feet first.

This isn’t going to blow your socks off, but the difference between a diary and a blog is the publicity of the thing. The readers or viewers. This means that if I choose to share a post instead of keep it on my hard-drive or in my head, then it’s for the audience—plain and simple, everyone else needs to read it. In the case of this site, the majority of my entries aren’t going to change your life. They might not even change your day. But they will perform one of two feats: they will either make you smile, or they will keep you thinking after you’re done reading. Or both. Hopefully both.

But I digress. Where was I…?


Oh yeah. So, if you’re reading a blog post of mine, then you can assume that it’s something from Nolan’s mind or life that needs to be heard. Definitely. Irrefutably. When twitter couldn’t cut it with 140 characters.

Let’s get to it. Go forth and read, my minions.

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