“He who completes a quest does not merely find something. He becomes something.”
– Lev Grossman, Magician King


The Writer (abbreviated)

Nolan McGill is a 27 year-old fiction and fantasy-fiction novelist, namely the YA Tides of Terrene series. He considers himself largely inspired by such authors as Lev Grossman and Stephen Chbosky.

The task of finding an agent is on hiatus for a while, though, because Nolan McGill is currently career shifting into a role as a Full Stack Web Developer where he can extend his creativity in a different—yet similar—creative direction. (See my work here.)

What’s left to say about McGill? Just the early days. Nolan was raised in the Walt Disney-inspired town of Celebration, Florida. He attended the University of Florida, where he crafted the literary short stories Branding and Scott’s Out of Body Vacation. After graduating, he proceeded to translate his high school conception of The Tides of Terrene onto page. The unpublished, anticipated trilogy is ongoing.

Nolan currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wonderful wife, Polina.

The Person

I’m also the central protagonist in my own life. Obviously.

Some of my earliest memories are of my old house in Ohio. As an only child, I would run around outside, do push-ups, and shoot basketball, training my body for an eventual superpower that would one day never blossom inside of me. At age 11, even after my parents moved us to Florida, my life expectations didn’t change. Still, though, no powers.

I had the same group of friends from high school through college—yes, we all attended the University of Florida (except for the one who joined the Marines)—although, by now, we’ve all gone our separate ways. That’s what happens in adult life, I guess. Now I live near Austin, Texas, where I work as a banker by day, gallivanting wordsmith and aspiring coder by night.



Things I love:
Making lists.
Long showers.
Cholesterol—eggs, cheese, sour cream.
Brotherly plot elements. (Sad, I know.)
The use of swords in stories.

Things I don’t love:
Wet socks.
Opening credits.
People that don’t use turn signals.
Waking up on the couch and being told to move.
The use of guns in stories.
Sweating from jalapeños.

Author insights:
Time control will always be the coolest superpower to daydream about.
The only reason I go to the gym is so that I don’t look too lazy.
Those acting classes in college were a failed attempt to conquer stage fright.
IKEA furniture has taken over my apartment. Please send help.
If I could do it all again, I would.