Nolan R. McGill is actively seeking a publishing agent—at the moment, there is only one unpublished book to his name. If all else fails, expect an electronic self-publication by Winter 2020!

The Tides of Terrene: Flame

“Leave a forest to grow and there shall be more to burn.” From another world, clueless, and maybe with a destiny, high school student Rend Ardorr arrives in the Karthenian Empire with not so much as the clothes on his back. Can he lie, make allies, and survive long enough to find a way back home to Ohio, or does the strange, mystical land need him too much to let him go?

Flame is a YA Fantasy Fiction novel, and the first of a Tides of Terrene anticipated trilogy.

Cover Without Frame

Rend sees himself as just another reserved ginger kid embarking on a cruise down the smooth, rural, one-lane highway of Sophomore year. Of course, his dad was never entirely truthful about their family’s past.

In the back of an ambulance truck one disastrous evening, Rend somehow burns his dying father’s shirt sleeve with his bare hands—a release which leaves him unconscious. When he next opens his eyes, Rend discovers an older, much stranger, land. It seems that the Temple of Storms has long awaited his return.

For the first time in his life, without a way home, Rend finds that survival is a daily priority. There’s only one solution in sight: assimilation to the Karthenian Empire. The problem is, even growing up without flying arrows, threatening Head Nobles, and fingertips that can light candles, making friends has never been Rend’s strong suit.

Maybe he’ll get by with the help of a few allies. However, with the way the land is turning, it’s looking like their safety needs the attention right now. If honor still exists, then Rend’s own life—and the decision to fit in or writhe out of this land—might have to take the backburner.