Get You Thinking, Get You Acting

Saving the Dinosaurs for Later, Barely

polina-raevskaya-6782-unsplashWant to save a few cents each year and milk those gasoline mega-corporations for all that they’re worth? They won’t even know what hit them after millions of people start following these easy steps at the pumps:

  • Fill up your gas tank until it clicks off.
  • Squeeze the handle to add a tiny bit more, before your price goes up a cent.
  • If you accidentally add too much and the price goes up that penny, just give another tiny squeeze.
  • Repeat until satisfied.

And that’s it! If we want to fight global warming, we have to make sure to be diligent against fossil fuel companies. To. The. Penny.

Go forth and read, my minions.

(P.S. Don’t do the math.)

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